A number of global dynamics are forcing organizations to take a more critical look at their practices and put additional emphasis on the need for excellence in business operations. Companies often suffer from lack of reliable IT resources.

Nowadays, one of the commonly used business tools is to optimize sourcing strategies, including creation of in-house shared services (SSC) or business process outsourcing (BPO) centers and finding reliable technology partner to provide software development projects.

Entering new markets is not easy, and companies often seek support from experienced partners who can provide comprehensive support when starting new business outside the home country.

We have the solution for you…

Our value proposition

We can help to make your business more cost-efficient and agile by offering comprehensive support with following services:

software development projects, support and maintenance for your IT systems provided by best in class IT professionals from Poland


advisory and project management services in the field of development of shared services and business process outsourcing type centers in Poland



Depending on the scope and specifics of the project, savings can reach up to 50% and significantly shorten project lifecycle.
Our company conducts it’s operations in the United States and in Poland, which allows us to offer very unique services:

US local presence and project coordination (possibility of holding personal meetings on daily basis and at key stages of a project)

attractive labor costs for Poland-based professional resources

advantage of conducting business in different time zones.


We deliver best-in-class IT services provided by experienced IT specialists at very reasonable price.

Our references include big international companies and TOP 10 Polish firms that play significant role in Central and East Europe region.